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Mıssıon And Vısıon


Raising qualified students in Bachalor’s and postgaduate degrees  is our main mission. Those who are able to correctly learn, analyze, interpret, criticize and make conclusions will be able to project the future successfully. In addition to concepts and subjects of International Relations, making our students a specialist, in accordance with their preferences, in economics, sociology and management  is the essence of our programme. After teaching one foreign language well, we provide opportunity for our students to learn a second foreign language if they would like to. In the light of this facts, our department since the establishment has had  English Preparatory School.


Turkey is located in such a region where the global competition is at peak. This means causes of great opportunities as well as great threats.  Knowing correctly first national, then regional and finally global facts is the first condition to comprehend them correctly. Regional administrative and educational institutions have initial responsibility for establishing and maintaining peace and welfare in the Balkans, the Caucasia and the Middle East. Educational and enlightening activities of our university concerning regional issues are not only for our people, it is a fact that we have a duty to provide education to students coming from various countries. Number of international students in our department is increasing every year. Especially it is required to advance academic and comprehensive researches within social sciences quantitatively and qualitatively in the Caucasia, Central Asia, the Middle East and the Balkans where our department is located at the intersect of these regions. Our initial vision is to increase and develop security, cooperation and welfare of close neighbors as well as other countries in the regions without exploiting or being exploited.