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Sakarya University Graduate Program of International Relations (SUGPIR)  offers students a truly international perspective on today’s critical issues. SUGPIR is committed to a broad and interdisciplinary approach to the study of international relations. SUGPIR trains its students to undertake cutting-edge analytical work and become sophisticated with knowledge in many fields of international theory and practice. Whether you have a passion for foreign policy, international developments, Turkish foreign policy, new security issues or other question, you will be engaged in a vibrant community of scholars, researchers, and students.

For more than a decade, SUGPIR’s students have distinguished themselves by pursuing academic excellence in international relations. We also provide a forum where students learn from wide ranging scholars and are encouraged to bring forth their ideas.

SUGPIR is now home to 13 full-time faculty members, 6 research assistants and more than 50 graduate and 900 undergraduate students. SUGPIR is also composed of students from over 10 countries and across Turkey.


PhD Program / Application

Each year, the application for the program is available in August.

Admission: Prospective students must have completed the Sakarya University requirements for an PhD degree in International Relations or other related departments, such as Political Science, Law etc. (They should be asked from the Social Science Institute of Sakarya University).

Students are also subject to the degree requirements as the followings;

Turkish students:

ALES: it is required at least 65

YDS: 55

(Evaluation for Turkish students: Ales % 50, undergraduate grade % 30, written exam % 20)

Foreign students:

(A student whose primary language is English is NOT required to prove his/her English language ability)

(A student whose primary language is not English must prove his/her English language ability with TOEFL and IELTS)

Toefl IBT: 72

Toefl CBT: 198-199

Toefl PBT: 531-532


Degree Requirements

A completed program must satisfy the following criteria:

1. Completion of at least 24 units of credit course work (60 ECTS credits).

2. A PhD thesis must be submitted, defended and approved by the thesis defense committee.

3. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50 must be maintained for the totality of PhD's level work.

For more information about the PhD program, please contact uli@sakarya.edu.tr


For all official forms, please click the following link http://www.sbe.sakarya.edu.tr/sayfa.php?sayfa=90



A number of scholarship opportunities are available for graduate study at (programın adı). A full scholarship and a large number of partial scholarships are offered annually. For Turkish students, full scholarships are available in YÖK (High Education Council in Turkey). As a full scholarship, “Türkiye Scholarships” is also open to all foreigners but it is NOT administered by Sakarya University. Students interested in applying for “Türkiye Scholarships” MUST check http://www.trscholarships.org/

Added to the above facilities, Sakarya University may offer a large number of partial scholarships for graduate students.


Career prospects

Sakarya University Graduate Program of International Relations (SUGPIR) Program provides a solid foundation for a career in analysis of world politics, politics, foreign policy, diplomacy, development, culture or enterprise. SUGPIR is also ideal for students seeking working facilities in governmental agencies, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental institutions, media and multinational corporations. Added to these, SUGPIR is recommended to students planning to pursue a Ph.D., or an academic career at another institution.



Accommodation is not included in the scholarships provided by Sakarya University. The student may wide ranging options for accommodation:

If you want to live in the city, for alternatives please check Real Estates (you are supposed to know Turkish for this option)


Map & Directions

Directions for international guests

First phase (travel to Sakarya): Sakarya is located near Istanbul. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to travel from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Sakarya. After you arrive in Istanbul Airport, proceed to the ground transport and use the light rail metro system to get to the Esenler Intercity Bus Terminal. To use the light rail system at the airport, follow the signs for “metro”. Connecting buses between Istanbul and Sakarya run every 30 minutes from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Two bus firms operate regularly on this route: Sakarya VIB and Metro. After you arrive in Esenler Intercity Bus Terminal, look for the offices of these firms.

Second phase (travel to the Campus): The University is located on the edge of the city, approximately 5 kilometers from the Sakarya Bus Terminal. Sakarya VIB and Metro provide complimentary free shuttle services between the bus terminal and the Campus, which is the most convenient option. Alternatively, you could ride with city buses or take a cap (yellow taxis) to get to the campus.

By Car

Please visit https://maps.google.com/ for driving directions to Sakarya University. Sakarya University has its own parking area.