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Guide For Undergraduate Education


Our freshmen students undertake an orientation program during the first week of the courses. During the orientation program freshmen students acquire basic information regarding the course structures, program requirements, and responsibilities of the student council and access to library facilities.

For the accommodation, students can consult with government run KYK dormitories, as well other accommodation facilities run by private sector.

The registered students are informed about the Student Information System (OBIS).

The department organized career oriented excursion to inform our students about possible career prospects. Therefore, every semester our department organizes trips to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkish Grand Assembly, Ministry of EU Affairs and Thinks Tanks.

Our program curriculum does not have a mandated internship prerequisite to fulfill the program. However, during the summer period our students voluntarily take part in the internship opportunities. Our department encourages students to apply for internship positions.

Our students, after completion of the 3rd semester, can take part in ERASMUS exchange program. Every year, a certain number of our students take part ERASMUS program at least for a semester with our partner universities in the European Union countries.

Moreover, through the FARABİ exchange program our student can spend an academic year at a different Turkish university.

Our senior students, in order to successfully complete the undergraduate program, should write a capstone paper under the supervision of one of the faculty member. While writing the capstone paper, our students should refer to our capstone guide here.